An International Symposium on Interculturalism was held in Montreal in May 2011

Under the aegis of Gérard Bouchard, Professor at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and with the support of an array of Québec organizations, and the special contribution from experts of the Council of Europe, this Symposium has been an important forum for participants from Québec and Europe. The main purpose was to report progress on interculturalism as a model for integration, and specifically for managing ethno-cultural diversity in democratic societies. The interculturalist model already has a long history in Québec, and it attracts growing interest in Europe. Thus, the Symposium was a dialogue between Québec and Europe on the situation and future of interculturalism.

Symposium Proceedings : the papers of the Speakers

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Opening public lectures

Wednesday 25 May 2011,
Auditorium de la
Grande Bibliothèque

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Thursday 26, Friday 27 May 2011,
Amphithéâtre du
Pavillon Sherbrooke

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